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Olalla Domínguez

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the “Childhood Sweetheart”. That could not have sounded more pedophilic. What I mean is, clearly this Olalla bitch doesn’t give a flying fuck about the fame Fernando Torres brings into her life. In fact, by the lack of proper photos of her on the internet, one may even suggest that she doesn’t appear to like it at all. Anyways, she is one of the hottest mums I’ve ever seen, and I am actually happy that Fernando has a wife, even if its not me, because she obviously really likes him. Naws. Also, I like her outfits. And she’s really pretty, considering she’s not, like, a model or anything.

Oh, and let’s remember she produced this sassy little bitch.

And this

As if that doesn’t say enough about her as a person.

I seriously absolutely die of just an overload of love whenever I see her outfit at the EURO 2012 final, she’s a sassy mum and most importantly she has stood by Nando through all of his hairstyles.

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